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A great Local Blogger!

A great Local Blogger!

Hey Ya'll 

I have found an amazing Manitoba local blogger, omg !!! you guys she is amazing so much information on her blog, I had the opportunity to speak to her and she's so nice. Her name is Caity Rose and blog page

I highly recommend checking out her blog, she posts about small local businesses in Manitoba, as well as information about eco products that are all local and handmade right here in Manitoba. 

Here is a great blog on cutting the chemicals: how to make the switch to toxin-free living 

Caity talks about toxin-free living and how you can start making changes in your life such as 

  1. stop using plastic 
  2. start making your own products 
  3. switch to clean beauty 
  4. steer clear of packaged and processed foods 
  5. stop using artificial fragrances 
  6. use reusable period products or chemical free ones 
  7. buy used and organic clothing 

she goes on saying " By choosing organic and natural clothing and materials, you’re choosing a much healthier option for your body and the planet. " 

She is very helpful and educated on the best ways to live clean , I recommend you checking out her blog Here


Thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoy Caity's blog as much as I do! 

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