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Basic Soap Recipe

Basic Soap Recipe

Basic soap recipe sounds so boring, but this is my “go to” recipe. I really like this recipe because it is simple, and it has always worked out great. It makes a wonderfully hard bar that lasts a very long time, and I can add whatever kinds of lovely extras to it like essential oils, or oats.
Please use Vegetable shortning or even tallow, I for one not a fan!
For more information on soap making see Bramble Berry
They have so many tips and ideas to help you out!
If you are searching for Lye, you can find some at Voyageursoapandcanadle .
It’s good lye, though I laugh at the idea of “food grade” lye, don’t go putting it near your skin! I’ve had a few mishaps with lye having rocks where I had to sift it, or even had my lye water turn neon blue from some crazy chemical they added. So don’t buy them out on your first visit. Find a brand that works.
Here is the ones we made using chocolate Essential oil!!
Happy Soap Making!!!
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