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What is your daily skincare routine?

What is your daily skincare routine?

Morning and Evening Routines That Will Set Up Each Day for Success!

You wake up an hour before work and rush to get ready. You shower at lightning speed and grab an energy bar and coffee before running out the door. Still, work leaves you feeling discombobulated and overwhelmed. Long before the week is over, you’re burned out and know you won't hit this week's goals.

How do you get out of this miserable rut? One word: Routines.

Morning and evening routines prime you for success. They help you achieve more, think clearly, and do work that actually matters. They keep you from stumbling through your day and make sure you get the most important things done. All it takes is a bit of discipline, but you got this!

Best Daily Routines for a Healthy Life

It takes time to become the best version of yourself, but I’ll help you to make it easier by getting you a few healthy daily routine examples to follow directly.

Here is a great Blog to read on lifehacks, powerful daily routine 

We believe that selfcare is a must that we should take care of ourselves more often and it should be on the top of list priorities, it's not all about skincare, it is also about your health, your sleeping, your eating... you get the point.  

Here are a few tips to help you 

  1. Use the correct cleanser for your skin type.
  2. Don't use too many products. 
  3. Moisturize both day and night. 
  4. Don't touch your face.
  5. Hydrate inside and out. 
  6. Avoid direct heat exposure. 
  7. Exfoliate a couple times per week.
  8. Vitamins should go on your skin, too.
  9. Get your Greens. 
  10. Maintain a healthy diet. 
  11. Clean your makeup brushes regularly. 
  12. Wear sunscreen all year round 

I hope this helps you in in finding your best skincare routine. 

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