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Wondering what  the heck I've been up to?

Wondering what the heck I've been up to?

The News This morning we had a BIG announcement on social media!
Wondering whatthe heck I've been up to?
Busy, right? That’s the life of running a creative studio! There’s always so much happening and life moves far too fast, but we can’t forget to recognize how awesome you are make sure you’re always in the loop!
We are so excited about allll the things we’ve got going on—and coming up. We hope you’ll be the biggest part of it!
First, Thank you for joining me in the pursuit of creativity.
Here we go the BIG Announcement !!
Most of you already know that I have been creating/making home décor for over a year now, I have come along way with new styles and better designs, recently I have been looking to add/ expand on what I offer to my customers, along with custom wood signs, one of a kind home décor pieces, pillows, and much more, I have been busy lol, soon will be offering custom DIY kits as well as custom reusable stencils.
But...… that is not the announcement, the new addition that I am so pleased to have added to my shop… are you ready??? Here it is!!
All-Natural handmade- Hand and Body Soap!!!!!!!
I have made natural soaps before, years ago, but stopped and I miss making them, so why not??? right?? I have been working to find the best possible natural handmade soaps for you, also these new beauties will be available in a selfcare package, great for Christmas gifts, birthdays you name it!
I am so looking forward to this new addition to the shop!! I hope that your just as excited as I am? currently, I have 2 Scents available, these have not hit our stores and will not be ready for a few more weeks! But you can pre-order now, get your hands on these before they sell out.2 scents available are:
Creamy coconut and French Vanilla Chocolate. Don't worry there will be more to pick from in the near future!
Each bar weighs approximately 4.5-5oz in weight. The dimension varies from 3.5' wide, 1' deep, and 2.5-3' in height. No two soap bars are the same due to their handcrafted nature which makes them unique
ALL PRODUCTS ARE: • Phthalate Free • Paraben Free • Never Tested on Animals, only on Humans basically me lol
THE PROCESS: The ingredients used in soaps are Olive oil, Coconut oil, Castor oil, for nourishment and natural cleansing power. We also include rich nourishing butters, Cocoa butter, Mango butter, and Shea butter for extra moisturizing properties. Water and lye are combined together with the oils in order to create a beautiful naturally made soap bar. We use natural colorants' such as seaweed powder, cocoa powder, madder root powder, beet root powder, various clay's, and many more in order to maintain the soaps natural integrity.
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