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Christmas in a Jar- Peppermint Mocha Candle

Christmas in a Jar- Peppermint Mocha Candle

When it comes to the home spa experience, it's all about setting the mood. 

You should think carefully for a moment, what type of mood are you looking to create?

Holidays are often a wonderful time of the year. We feel closer to family and friends, more generous with neighbors and strangers, and all-around good vibes almost seem to float in the air like snowflakes.

Bringing all that wonderful into your home spa experience is possible. Our exclusive Peppermint Mocha Candle- a collaboration project with Mani Farms- is all the amazing smells- and feels- the holiday season has to offer. 

Roasted marshmallow, mocha and peppermint all wrapped up in an adorable glass jar make the perfect addition to a holiday home spa experience.

Grab it here for $20.00
Peppermint Mocha Candle | CG Pure Wash

Visit Mani Farms here:
Mani Farms Candles | Oakbank MB | Facebook



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