Collection: Shampoo & Conditioner Bars

Discover the perfect solution for adventurers and travel enthusiasts in our proudly Canadian shampoo and conditioner set. CG Pure Wash solid shampoo and conditioner bars are expertly formulated in Canada, offering an outstanding alternative to conventional bath products.

Crafted with travel enthusiasts and adventurous spirits in mind, our solid set of shampoo and conditioner bars provides a deep cleanse and nutrient-rich treatment, designed specifically for dry hair. Going beyond a mere bath product, this set represents a commitment to a sustainable lifestyle, significantly reducing plastic waste and contributing to environmental health.

But the benefits are not limited to environmental considerations. Your hair, too, will enjoy the rewards of our earth-friendly products. Expect a complete hair transformation, with a natural glow and vibrancy that will have heads turning.

Lightweight and powerful, our bars outshine the usual bulkiness and inefficiencies of traditional haircare products. Opt for our solid shampoo and conditioner bars, and experience the potent benefits of our unique formulation, created with the highest regard for the environment and your hair health.

Embrace our Canadian-made bath products, solid and eco-friendly, and join us on this journey towards environmentally-conscious living. We invite you to challenge the status quo of haircare, break free from plastic pollution, and unlock the beauty potential of your hair. Make a stand against the usual, embrace our shampoo and conditioner bars, and watch as your hair gains a new life, one that's deeply rooted in nature and sustainability.

Shampoo & Conditioner Bars