Natural Bath & Body Shop

Helping health-conscious and sustainable living families and pets achieve healthy skin with natural products that are affordable.


Experience the pure luxury of nature with our all-natural, handmade soap bars.

Carefully crafted in Winnipeg, Manitoba, each soap bar represents the pinnacle of environmentally conscious bath products. Leaving behind zero waste, our soap bars promise a bath experience that is both indulgent and eco-friendly.


Our collections include luxurious soap bars, soothing lotion bars, invigorating bath bombs, and a variety of other bath essentials – each one offering a unique experience designed to uplift your skincare routine.


    Awesome Skincare!

    It made my skin really smooth and looking fresh all day. I love this brand and would buy more in the future when my stocks ran out!

    It Works on my Skin

    My face had breakouts and when I started using this, my face dramatically improved within a week! This is worth the money.

    I love it so much!

    My friends had told me to try this and I'm glad I listened to them. It worked wonders and my dark spots were gone and it's awesome!