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Step into the world of CG Pure Wash, where we excel in delivering top-quality, handcrafted bath products hailing from Canada. Our highly sought-after lotion bars are a skincare marvel that effortlessly marries effectiveness with the essence of nature.
Handmade with dedication and finesse in Winnipeg, Manitoba, our lotion bars symbolize our unwavering dedication to offering skincare products that are pure and free from harsh artificial elements. Our Cocoa Butter solid lotion bars are devoid of synthetic chemicals, parabens, and any potentially harmful agents, thus solidifying their place as the go-to option for those in pursuit of a wholesome, organic skincare regime.
Our lotion bars, generously infused with superior natural ingredients such as Cocoa Butter and Almond Oil, promise a skincare experience like no other. Cocoa Butter, known for its remarkable moisturizing properties, infuses our lotion bars with an enticing, natural chocolate aroma. This captivating scent transforms your skincare routine into a treat, all while offering your skin a thorough, nourishing treatment.
The presence of Almond Oil, another key component in our lotion bars, guarantees additional hydration. It's celebrated for its potential to alleviate dry skin and enhance skin texture, thus forming an essential part of our lotion bars.
The beauty of our lotion bars lies in their adaptability. They can be applied on the body, hands, and face, making them an excellent choice for anyone combating dry skin or simply preferring a more organic skincare product. The ease of application and user-friendly nature of our lotion bars, which slightly melt when rubbed against the skin, make them an ideal skincare companion. They deliver a moisturizing layer that swiftly absorbs without leaving behind a greasy feel.
Discover the splendor of our Cocoa Butter lotion bars and indulge in the CG Pure Wash experience, where pure, handcrafted skincare awaits you.

Body Care