Collection: Soap Bars

Experience the pure luxury of nature with our all-natural, handmade soap bars. Carefully crafted in Winnipeg, Manitoba, each soap bar represents the pinnacle of environmentally conscious bath products. Leaving behind zero waste, our soap bars promise a bath experience that is both indulgent and eco-friendly.

Our soap bars are created with a rich blend of Shea Butter and Avocado oil, promising a lavish, moisturizing cleanse that leaves your skin feeling soft and nourished. As a vegan-friendly brand, we ensure that our soap bars are made from only the finest natural ingredients, contributing to their unique and luxurious feel.

In the heart of our soap shop, the beauty of nature is truly celebrated. Each bar is handmade with precision and passion, infused with natural scents that provide a sensory delight, turning every bath into a personal sanctuary of relaxation.

Perfect for colored hair, our soap bars are gentle on your locks and help maintain their vibrant hues. Alongside this, we also craft conditioner bars, embodying our commitment to sustainability and minimal waste.

Our natural soap bars offer an unmatched bathing experience that honors your skin and the planet. Choose CG Pure Wash for a truly eco-friendly, naturally luxurious soap experience. Dive into our collection today and discover the joy of bathing with our Canadian made, natural soap bars.

Soap Bars