The Flight of Two Journeys: My Pure Wash Business and My Airman Son

Pure Wash Business and My Airman Son

The Flight of Two Journeys: My Pure Wash Business and My Airman Son

There are a handful of moments in our lives that shift our trajectories entirely. For me, one of these was the creation of Pure Wash, my beloved bath and body shop, while the other is a little more personal and close to home, my son’s decision to join the Canadian Air Force. Today, I want to share my heart, my struggles, and my hopes with you.

Building a business is a lot like raising a child. Both require enormous patience, boundless energy, late nights, and early mornings. When I first opened the doors of Pure Wash, I did so with a heart filled with hopes and dreams, but also tempered with a fair amount of trepidation. Would people fall in love with our all-natural, handcrafted bath and body products as I had? The journey, like any worthwhile venture, was not without its share of speedbumps.

Managing stock, handling customer queries, keeping up with ever-changing trends, the struggles were real and often left me feeling overwhelmed. There were moments where I questioned if my venture was too ambitious, my dreams too lofty. However, similar to when my son stumbled during his first steps, or when he struggled with his early school grades, I was not ready to give up. The entrepreneurial journey, just like parenting, is a test of resilience and tenacity.

Watching my business grow, seeing our customer base expanding and hearing positive feedback about our products, it's akin to watching my child mature, full of pride and satisfaction. That feeling of accomplishment that keeps me going, pushing harder each day, and fuels my belief that we can weather any storm.

Then came the second big shift in my life, my son deciding to join the Canadian Air Force. This decision came as a surprise, but his determination was unwavering. The journey from the nest to the vast sky wasn’t easy. Seeing him in his uniform, committed to serving his country, my heart swelled with pride, but it also ached knowing the challenges he would face.

The nights got quieter, and the house started feeling larger without his presence. I found myself standing in front of his empty room, memories flooding back, his laughter echoing in the silence. But with every tear that welled up in my eyes, I reminded myself of his courage and the honor with which he took his path.

Throughout this dual journey of nurturing Pure Wash and watching my son grow into an airman, I’ve learned to embrace change and trust the process. Even the toughest days have a silver lining, and every challenge makes us stronger.

In many ways, my son's journey mirrors my entrepreneurial voyage with Pure Wash. He is learning to navigate the vast skies, much like I am learning to navigate the dynamic world of business. We both are being tested, tempered, and reshaped. As he serves our country, I serve our community, bringing them products that are crafted with love and care.

And so, while we may be on different paths, the resilience, dedication, and courage we exhibit are the same. He is my son, I am his mama, and we are both dreamers and doers, bound by love and a shared pursuit of purpose.

As I sign off, I want to extend a heartfelt thank you to each one of you. Your support for Pure Wash and your well wishes for my son mean the world to us. Life may be a whirlwind of change, but in this storm, we find our strength and we cherish our journeys.

And that, my friends, is the essence of life’s beautiful journey. The trials, the triumphs, the love, and the learning. So, here's to the future of Pure Wash and my brave son in the Canadian Air Force. Two journeys, one heart. May we fly high and weather every storm.

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