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Cocoa Butter Lotion Bars

Cocoa Butter Lotion Bars

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Experience the Indulgence of Cocoa Butter Lotion Bars: Natural Body care at its Best.

Welcome to a unique realm of body care— the world of our handmade Cocoa Butter Lotion Bars. Crafted with love at CG Pure Wash, these lotion bars are the perfect example of the richness nature can offer in body care.

Our Cocoa Butter Lotion Bars are more than just an ordinary body care product. They are a testament to the indulgence of pure cocoa and the nourishing properties it holds. Made from natural ingredients like sweet almond oil and coconut oil, these lotion bars pack intense hydration and moisture for your skin.

The prime ingredient of our lotion bars, cocoa butter, is a naturally occurring fat, offering rich nourishment to the skin. When applied, these lotion bars melt slightly, allowing your skin to absorb the cocoa butter and other beneficial oils, leading to an experience of ultimate skin hydration and nourishment.

Each of our lotion bars exudes a delightful natural chocolate scent derived from cocoa butter, making your body care routine an aromatic indulgence. Perfect for individuals struggling with dry skin, our cocoa butter lotion bars can be applied to your body, hands, and face, ensuring soothing relief and deep moisturization.

By choosing our Cocoa Butter Lotion Bars, you are not only taking a step towards better body care but also becoming a part of a compassionate movement prioritizing nature’s bounty for all creatures.


Ingredients: Cocoa Butter, Coconut Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Beeswax

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